Kent Iwemy

It's not that damned easy!

12/01/2017  - 25/02/2017
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This is my second exhibition at Galerie Clairefontaine and the title for this show is
« It´s not that damned easy! »

I still paint with my fast, course paint stroke and in the rough way I always have done
I'm a kind of self-willed painter and goes my own way.

Most of my paintings are influenced by my neighborhood and people and places
I know very well.
« It's unbelievable how many odd people there are in this place » write Amandas Ong
in Elephant Magazine 2014.

It's easy to see my paintings as simple but I always do my best to load them with some kind
of intrinsic value. I have my own universe where there are no absolute norms, to regulate
what is worth of be in chose as subject for artistic creativity.
I have never tried to be political correct. But I have a nice little public in both Europe and United States,
I´m very happy for that!

Kent Iwemyr


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